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Each new year we do some resolutions. Here’s mine: pursuing my dream, which is create.
Create photos, videos, interesting content, share, surprise…

That’s why I invite you all to follow me on my new blog
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Plus, twice a week, I will post a photographer inspiration. Last week our inspiration came from Lloyd Revald.

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Have a wonderful positive 2013!



Sometimes it happens…


Women & technology

Women & Technology

Post-feminist postcard: Women & Technology

Scribbled Line People by Ayako Ito

Inspirational! The artist Ayako Ito portrays human figure in scribbled lines. It was distorted and reconstructed in 3D using a Flash drawing tool programmed by Randy Church.
More to see here.


Lightroom preset: Yellow pimento (for free)

I heart LR! (= I love Adobe Lightroom!). What it is? It’s the magic touch for photographers, it’s the Photoshop without the problem of layers…etc..etc…

Today I have decided to create LR prese(n)t, starting with “Yellow pimento”, in order to give a little bit of spice to your yellow elements in your photos! FREE for download here! 🙂 Enjoy, share and tell me what you think! More to come…

Yellow Pimento LR preset by Valentina Calà

Yellow Pimento, a Lightroom preset by Valentina Calà

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Happy summer!

(c) Valentina Calà

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Levitation Photography

During the past years levitation photography became quite popular. On Internet we can see some pretty good exemples and always more photographers are using this technique, even in fashion photography.

While seeing this phenomen rising, I have asked myself, who is the inventor (I even googled it! ;-P)…probably nobody, but I can say that one of the first very successful exemple comes from Tokyo, by the photographer Natsumi Hayashi. You can visit her blog, where she explains that yowayowa is a Japanese term meaning “weak” or “feeble.”
Since I’m yowayowa, it’s really heavy to carry SLR cameras around. 🙂 I think this last one is very funny, as her photographs, where she is able to put a sort of fairy and soft athmosphere.

Even had some (funny) tries with Leviatan Photography.

I have never tried to do such pictures, but after seeing so many good exemples around, I really would like to give it a try! And you?

What do you need?

– A camera
– A tripod (or a second photographer)
A lot of inspiration
– Eventually some post-processing:

I’ll try and post something here and…I really would like to see YOUR levitation photographies! You can post a link under comments. 😀

French roller coaster


Copyright Franck Bohbot 2012

As the photographer Franck Bohbot, I used to go to fair when I was a child. I remember the candies, the colours, the other kids and the excitement of playing, hoping to win the biggest prize.

Franck Bohbot guides us into the fair, with wide, colourful shoots, surrealistically empty of children laughing and running around. The atmosphere is still cheerful, thanks also to the flashy colours and lights spreading in all pictures.

To see all the images and Bohbot’s portfolio, click here.


The Geometry of God: The Striking Kaleidoscopic Patterns of European Cathedral Ceilings [repost]

Photographer David Stephenson captures architectural triumphs at the intersection of art and mathematics.

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One positive picture a day-13

Alberto Seveso photographs ink underwater in his newest series A Due Colori. The flowing patterns and colors are mesmerizing.


"A due colori" Alberto Seveso

"A due colori" Alberto Seveso

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